Capricorn Man - Is He Your Right Sign

Do you wonder if you're well suited for a life with a Capricorn man? Have you dated a few Capricorn men before, but the relationships didn't go very well and you'd like to know more about this complicated man before you try dating again? Are you afraid you might not have what it takes to really make this Capricorn man happy, but you'd like to give it a try?

Capricorns are known for being big on relationships and they tend to fall in love hard and fast. If you really want a romance that will last and you'll be happy in, you'd do well to nab yourself such a man. However, be sure a long term relationship is really what you want. These guys can easily get attached once they find a woman that is truly to their liking. Read on to see how you can get that fabulous Capricorn man invested in a solid romance with you.

Look Like You Care

The woman who goes out looking like a mess will not attract the attention of a Capricorn. It's not so much because he's shallow and overly attached to good looks, but because he needs to know that you respect yourself enough to put some effort into your appearance. Disheveled spells disorganized, something that doesn't work with a Capricorn.

This said, you don't want to go out looking as if you are desperate for male attention. Looking trashy is not the way to this family man's heart.

Know What You're Talking About

A lot of women, typically, though not exclusively, younger women, will giggle and snicker and go on and on about a series of senseless things. She'll laugh and ask what an everyday item is and will feign ignorance when faced with a simple problem.

This might be cute and even effective with weaker men who need to have their egos bolstered by the stupidity of the woman he dates. For the Capricorn man, however, this simply won't do. He wants a woman who is intelligent and can hold her own in a conversation, even if that conversation expounds on the virtues Socrates or the theories of Einstein or even the accuracies of DaVinci's sketches.

Avoid Tall Tales

Whether you enjoy embellishing your stories with slight exaggerations or you're sometimes tempted to build a little fib to improve your image, know that these are tactics that will most likely have the Capricorn man walking away from you.

These guys like to hear it straight. They don't want to hear you beat around the bush or simply create a story out of the clear blue just for the sake of impressing him. Choose to impress him with the woman you really are.

Cultured Male

With a penchant for the arts and a love of all that is classic and old world, this isn't the guy you can just slack with. He needs to be inspired, challenged and moved. Never one to wile away the hours on mindless endeavors, this is the man who likes to be engaged, body and mind.